Your Ultimate Guide To Online Gambling Terms & Phrases

While most online gambling games appear simple enough, it may be overwhelming to understand the sheer number of terms and phrases used in gambling. If you are a novice gambler who has just started playing at online casinos in Malaysia, this guide is for you. Read on to equip yourself with the key phrases and terms that you need to know before venturing into online casinos.


An initial bet made by a player before the cards are dealt, usually in a poker game. It is a mandatory stake that ensures that there’s always money in the pot.


The amount of money that a player has in their balance for wagering.

Beginner’s Luck

Refers to the phenomenon where novice players experience unexpected success.


A reward or incentive offered to players by the online casino. Online casinos typically offer welcome bonuses to players who open a new account, either for free or matched dollar-to-dollar on your initial deposit. Other types of bonuses include birthday bonuses and loyalty bonuses. Most online casinos have terms and conditions that you have to follow in order to claim these bonuses.


Short for “bookmaker”. A bookie is a person or establishment that accepts, places, and pays off bets for players, typically in sporting events like horse racing and football.


The place where the casino’s cashier is located. It is vital to the casino’s operations.


Refers to the act of betting by a player after making a losing bet to recoup losses.


Refers to a player, game table or slot machine that is no longer on a winning streak.


Also known as a banker. An employee of the casino who is in charge of dealing cards and facilitating the flow of the game. Dealers may be required in games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. Most Asian online casino sites provide a “live” dealer.

Double Down

Refers to doubling your bet in the middle of a hand during a game of blackjack.

Expected Value

Refers to the average expected returns on a specific bet in the long run. The Expected Value (EV) can be positive or negative depending on the profitability of the bet.


A less experienced player who is on a losing streak.

Fixed Odds

When a game has fixed odds, the chances of winning and payouts are predetermined. This term can be applied to slot machines and most table games. However, it does not apply to sports betting and poker, where the probability and odds of specific events are unknown.

High Roller

A player who places huge bets and spends large amounts of money at the casino. The amount of spending required to be classified as a high roller varies among casinos.

Hole Card

Refers to the card that remains face-down so that other players cannot see them. For example, in blackjack, the dealer has one hole card. In poker, each player has a pair of hole cards that they can look at.


A player who is on a winning streak or a table where players are winning frequently.

House Edge

The house edge refers to the advantage that the casino has over its players. It is usually expressed as a percentage. For example, a house edge of 4% means that players should expect to lose 4% of the amount of money they wager in the long term.


Also known as vigorish. Refers to the fee charged by a bookie (or bookmaker) for accepting a player’s wager.

Layoff Bet

Refers to a wager placed by the house with another bookie to reduce the liability on a specific game.

Low Roller

The opposite of a high roller. Low rollers usually play at tables with low stakes.

Optimal Strategy

Refers to a strategy that maximises the player’s returns. Optimal strategy is typically used in blackjack and video poker.

Progressive Jackpot

Refers to a jackpot that keeps increasing each time it’s played until it’s won.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

A device used to generate a random, unpredictable series of numbers. RNGs are typically used to replace card dealing and die rolling in online casino games.


Refers to the total amount of money that a player must wager before a bonus or free bet becomes available.

Royal Flush

Refers to a straight flush including ace, king, queen, jack and ten all in the same suit, which is the top-ranked hand in Poker when wild cards are not in use.


Refers to an expert poker player who pretends to be a fish when the game starts, then strike out when everyone has let down their guard.

System Bet

When you place a system bet, you can win even if not all of your picks are correct. A system bet is made up of several single and combination bets.

Wagering Requirement

A condition laid out by the online casino that requires a player to wager a specific amount of money before becoming eligible for bonuses.


Refers to extremely high rollers who place hefty bets and can singlehandedly influence a casino’s revenue.

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