WWDC 2022 Apple Event: Key Highlights

The yearly Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off on 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Here are the main takeaways

New MacBook Lineup with M2 Chips

One of the most speculated after release of the year has been made official, with a brand new model 13.6 inch Retina display MacBook Air with the M2 chip as well as the MacBook Pro also fitted with the M2 chip.

The MacBook Air comes in four colors: space gray, starlight, midnight and silver. It will cost $1,199 and Apple will still sell the earlier MacBook Air with its M1 chip.

Apple says it takes up 25% less volume than the last MacBook Air. It’s 2.7 pounds and will have a 13.6″ display with thinner borders than its predecessor.

The M2 Chip, the successor to the pioneering M1 Chip released in early 2021 is built on a second-generation 5nm process, and compared to the M1, its 8-core CPU delivers 18% better performance. This is due to the performance cores being faster and paired with a larger cache, while the efficiency cores have also been “significantly enhanced for even greater performance gains”,

The GPU cores seem to be the same, but slightly more efficient than the M1’s, since the M2 with 10 cores can deliver 25% better performance than the M1’s 8-core GPU at the same power draw. With some added power draw, that performance delta increases to 35%. 

iOS 16 Announced

The latest software for iPhones, iOS 16 is officially announced in one of the primary keynotes of the event, unsurprisingly.

A list of notable changes are as follows:

  • Hidden and Recently Deleted albums are now locked (biometrics + password)
  • Landscape Face ID on some models
  • WiFi Passwords can be viewed in Settings
  • Foreground blur in portrait photos
  • Quick Note and locked notes (using device passcode)
  • duplicate detection in photos
  • templates and rich text in reminders
  • edit Safari strong password suggestions

iOS 16 will be made available for all iPhone 8 and later.

The Latest Mac Operating System – MacOS Ventura

The Stage Manager is a new productivity tool that automatically organises all the users’ apps and windows for less distractions. The tool works by organizing, any open apps onto the side of your screen while putting the app you are currently working on right in the centre, enabling a more efficient workflow for users

As for Safari, the browser will be getting a new collaboration tool which lets users share tabs and bookmarks, as well as send messages and start FaceTime calls straight from Safari, which will update in real time when somebody in your group adds new tabs.

Apple is also introducing Passkeys into the browser, which are unique on-device digital keys that make signing-in simpler using biometrics such as Touch ID or Face ID. The Passkeys are synced across all your Apple devices and even enables iPhone sign-ins for supported websites or apps on non-Apple devices.

Year after year, Apple continues making advances toward streamlining what is now popularly known as the Apple ecosystem to create a universal experience for Apple users.

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