What are Proposition Bets? Are they good?

What are Proposition Bets? Are they good?

What are proposition bets? And why should you place prop bets over regular bets?

What is a proposition bet? And are they worth your time?

You might be wondering why people would want to make these types of bets and what are the advantages of proposition bets. Well, people can make a lot more money with this type of betting because they aren’t limited by the odds and payouts for each individual game or team like they are when betting on sports

Generally, proposition bets, or otherwise known as prop bets, are considered the ‘variety’ edition of sports betting. Away from the 1s and 0s, the straight forward which-team-wins is the more engaging and interactive prop bet. These are for the ones who focus on the games and follows the players of the sport. Similar variations would be parlay bets.

There are no fixed rule for prop bets, if the sportsbook sees the potential, they may run it as an option. This goes further into non-game related bet, for example, there was a running bet for which team Lebron James will sign with during his 2018 free agency period:

What are Proposition Bets? Are they good?
2018 LeBron James free agency prop bet (Destination & Announcement Date odds)

When it comes to in-game prop bets, many different sports have different types of prop bets, just as you would expect. Here are some of the prop bets available in several popular sports.


  • Points, rebounds, blocks, assists, and turnovers per game
  • Shooting percentage, number of three-point attempts of specific teams
  • Total fouls per game
  • Free throw and shooting splits of specific players


  • Corner balls total
  • Whether there will be scoring within a certain period of the game (First 25 minutes, etc)
  • Total of yellow cards / red cards handed out
  • Which player will score a goal


  • Distance bets: Whether the match will conclude at the final round or be decided by judges
  • Finishing round
  • Victory bets: Whether it will end in KO or submission

Are prop bets worth your time?

At the end of the day, the odds are carefully curated based on player averages, team statistics, and all other factors that go into the market labeling the odds. 

This is to say that there is just as much variance in prop bets and regular bets, a player has just as much possibility of suddenly having an off game that deviates from his usual statistics. Therefore, prop bets does not offer a clear advantage over regular bets, but it sure is more engaging! For example, you could wage a specific player being the first one to score in a game, and that adds to the game experience.

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