Review: Visa – Leading the World except for Southeast Asia


Visa is one of the best known global payment systems in the world. This is due to its widespread use in more than 200 countries around the world.

As a company, it focuses on global payments technology whose goal is to enable consumers, banks, businesses and governments to use a digital currency. The company was founded in the 1970s and has earned itself a name as a quality payment option all over the world.

Although Visa is associated with credit and debit cards, the company does not actually issue out these cards. Instead, it facilitates processing services to financial institutions and helps to develop payment options for more convenience to consumers. As it stands, this payment option is accepted by tens of millions of merchant outlet around the world, and more than 2.5 million ATMs.

When it comes to using VISA as a payment method on online casinos in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia, there are not many options available.

+ A range of credit and debit card options that you can choose from.
+ Deposits and withdrawals are facilitated with the Visa system.
+ It is the largest retail online payment system in operation in the world.

– On online casinos from the Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Visa payments are not accepted.
– When using the Visa payment system, you may find that there are charges that need to be paid.

Company Name: Visa Inc.
Slogan: Everywhere You Want To Be
E-mail[email protected]
Transaction Time: Instant – 2 to 5 days on withdrawal
Established: 1958
Address: 900 Metro Centre Blvd Foster City, CA, 94404 US
Currencies: All

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