Vietnam launched a casino pilot program for locals

Vietnam launched a casino pilot program for locals

Ho Chi Minh City has raised its hand to be part of a pilot program in which locals are allowed to gamble at select casinos across the country.

The Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee has proposed the locals’ game to the city’s National Assembly delegation with the aim of bringing the concept to the Party Central Committee at its next session.

If the program gets approval, it would target casinos opened at Five stars hotel. But it still remains unclear if this refers to the various slot clubs that already operate in Ho Chi Minh City in various five-star hotels or if the Committee has a Ho Chi Minh City-based table games casino or integrated resort in mind — or even both.

The proposal comes two months after Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance said it wanted to expand the local pilot program by extending the trial period by an additional two years and adding two more casinos, the preference being the development of new casinos located in Da Nang and Khanh Hoa cities.

First announced in 2017, the pilot program was originally planned to run for three years, starting in 2019, with two casinos designated for locals to gamble.


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