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Victorian Villain Slots

Darkness looms in the air, detective. Can you solve the mystery?

The Victorian Villain looms in the darkness of the night, skulking about in the streets of London. Be the one to discover the truth of the situation and win real-life Malaysian Ringgit in cash when you play the Victorian Villain online slots game on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

Victorian Villain Slots Reel

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Step into the dark dark world of the Victorian Villain online digital slots machine.When you accept the darkness and get whisked away into the Victorian nocturnal adventure, you are presented with several choices which will heavily influence your winnings and the amount you will win. When you fire up the game client, you are able to choose the coin level and the coins. The coin level is the amount in MYR you wish to bet on each of the spins you take. The coins is the number of coins you wish to wager on every single spin. The more you wager, the bigger your wins! If you wish to take a more streamlined route for your gaming experience, you can forego the choices given to you above. Be sure to utilise the Bet Max function in this slots game! Hit the Bet Max button on the left of the Spin button and let the game automatically calculate and bet the biggest amount allowed by your gaming site when you spin! Be the smart player! Maximise your potential winnings by doing the maximum bet on each of your spins!

Victorian Villain Slots Reel

All wins pay in any position from left to right on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel. The highest win is paid for each symbol. The highest combination of wins is paid for each symbol on each reel. Total wager is the minimum bet (25) multiplied by coins. All wins are multiplied by coins.

The Wild symbol in the Victorian Villain slots game is represented by the Victorian Villain logo Wild symbol. You’re in luck! The Wild symbol will help you make more matches on each and every one of your spins on the slots reels. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols that appear on the slots reels, except for the Scatter 1 and Scatter 2 symbols. When one or more Wild symbols substitute in a win, the highest win is paid. The Wild symbols will only appear on reels two, three and four.

Victorian Villain Slots Reel

Victorian Villain is extremely generous with its special feature Scatter symbols. It features not one, but two special Scatter symbols! The first Scatter symbol is the Blue Skull Bonus Scatter symbol. When you hit three or more of the Blue Skill Scatter symbols on reels one, two and three, you will instantly trigger the Villain Free Spin Feature. When you trigger this special feature, you will get to make a choice between three sets of free spins. Your choices are: Fifteen (15) free spins with all wins multiplied by three (3x), ten (10) free spins with all wins multiplied by five (5x), or five (5) free spins with all wins multiplied by ten (10x)! Make the right choices and maximise your winnings! During the free spins, you have the chance of hitting three more of these Scatter symbols on reels one, two and three to re-trigger the Villain Special Free Spin Feature. The retrigger awards the same amount of free spins you have previously chosen. Search for Clues Feature can be triggered during the Villain Free Spin feature. Coins bet are the same as the game that triggered the Villain Free Spin Feature!

Victorian Villain Slots Reel

The second available bonus feature is the Search for Clues Feature. When you hit three or more of the Scatter 2 symbols on reels three, four and five – you trigger the special feature! When you trigger this feature, you are put into a mini-game. In this mini-game, you will have to select the highlighted items in the room. Each item selected will reveal either coins or “Collect”. If you have selected an area which reveals coins, you can continue searching for clues! If you have selected an area which reveals “Collect”, you will be awarded with the accumulated prize! Make sure to select the correct areas to keep up your combo – and maximise the amount of coins revealed to win more! This Search for Clues special feature can be triggered during normal gameplay, or when you are playing the special Villain Free Spin feature!

Step into the night of the mysterious killings!

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