Valve Releases Dota Patch 7.30 Leading Up to The International 10

Valve Releases Dota Patch 7.30 Leading Up to The International 10

The International 10 is taking place in October, and to set up for the grand event, Valve has released the last major patch leading up to it – Patch 7.30

The International 10 was meant to take place on the 5th of August, but was unfortunately set back yet again due to complications with the venue country. In the end, it was concluded that it would be held in Romania from October 7 – 10 with the playoffs set to kick off on the 12th of the month and the grand finals scheduled for October 17. The biggest esports event of the year is approaching.

Patch 7.30

The page long update notes for the patch is available on Valve’s page, as usual. Here are some of the notable changes that we think may interest you, along with some of the opinions collected from communities of the game.

Tinker and Clinkz have been reworked

Every now and then, some of the heroes gets their skills rewored, some heroes more than others considering Clinkz has seen a rework almost every patch now.

Clinkz’s Strafe ability has been removed and replaced with Burning Barrage, a channeling ability that works just like Drow Ranger’s Multishot skill but with the arrows traveling down just one line. At max level, Burning Barrage shoots six arrows that deal 60% of Clinkz’s attack damage while applying attack modifiers over a 2.7 second channeling time.

Tinker’s rework makes him more of a defensive hero early on as his March of the Machines basic ability has been swapped with Defensive Matrix, an ability he acquired after purchasing Aghanim’s Shard. In addition, he no longer needs to purchase Boots of Travel as he now gets his signature global presence from a new sub-ability called Keen Conveyance

The Tinker rework seem to fit the recent year’s development of the game where most heroes are refitted to be a strong brawler, and the once split-push master Tinker is no exception to this rule. Players speculate that with a free teleport at level 6, we might now see Tinker played in offlane positions instead of the traditional mid role only

Dawnbreaker buffed, but still not available in captains mode

Unfortunately, it may seem that the dream of seeing all 121 heroes available in The international 10 may not come true, since the number will come up short one – at 120.

Dawnbreaker received new aghanim shard and aghanim scepter upgrades and several decent buffs, but the hero might still be considered too strong for captains mode, Valve does not want an overpowered, imbalance hero to factor into The International 10.

Heroes with global abilities are extremely powerful in coordinated pro games. Case in point being Nature’s Prophet, who even after receiving countless nerfs and now sport one of the lowest winrate in pub games, is still a threat in the esports pro scene when played well.

New neutral items, more drops per tier

While the 7.30 update didn’t give neutral items the major rework that many expected they would get, Icefrog did make it so that five items will now drop for every tier while adding eight new items to the pool.

This continues the tradition ever since neutral items were introduced, with items being shuffled in and out throughout major patches – a change of season, if you will.

Most of the neutral items were geared toward passive that triggers upon player base damage and tend to take on defensive characteristic, this is a good blend with the teamfight heavy meta of the game these days. Players will have a month to adapt to these new changes and see if a new meta develops from it.

No Map Changes

The last patch has seen major map changes with the addition of many trees to the game (Sorry, Timbersaw) but this current patch has no map changes at all but instead focuses on other aspects of the game.

Nerfs to Highly-used items

Aeon disc was nerfed quite heavily with extended cooldown up to close to three minutes (165 seconds) and meanwhile Silver Edge might be viable on more heroes with the in built critical factor. Icefrog also seem to want to reintroduce Vladmir’s offering into the game. Powerful strategies such as manta Axe have been completely removed as well.

The community notes that the strongest heroes of the last patch seem to have only received minor slaps on the wrist, while underplayed heroes seem to be receiving minor buffs only, we will see what happens as the esports meta is given time to develop – expect to see several minor patch a, b, or even c version until The International 10.

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