Top 5 Gambling Sites NOT to Avoid in Malaysia

Top 5 Gambling Sites NOT to Avoid in Malaysia

Malaysia has a population of 32 million according to figures released in 2020, and it has a GDP of 336.7 billion USD. Its population is made up of the ethnic groups Malays (67.4%), Chinese (24.6%), Indians (7.3%) and Others (0.7%). It is these latter groups who spend more on gambling. However it is not to say that Malays do not gamble, but each have their own preference in terms of games.

A quick search on google will reveal hundreds if not in the thousands of sites that cater to the Malaysian gambler. From single game sites such as 918KISS, 918KAYA and MEGA888 (such as i1SCR and i1MEGA) to multi-game sites such as LALA88, BK8, EMPIRE777, W88 and ON88.

The single game sites are all slot based games with some having RNG Table Games, but these are not as popular because of the impression that having a person dealing is less likely of being a setup. The average bet for this type of games are very low, in the single to double digit Ringgit range. However they are highly addictive and I have observed people at coffee shops, cafes and at the airport having a quick game whilst they wait.

A quick chat with them will get you the same response, free games are fun but they waste time and have no chance of winning. All have the desire to ‘Bet Small, Win Big’, however with the RNG games will often return whatever you have won back to the house if you play long enough.

Top 5 Gambling Sites NOT to Avoid in Malaysia
Top 5 Gambling Sites NOT to Avoid in Malaysia

Here are a few sites that we (our reviewers and some even yours truly) have played at that deserve a little bit more attention. Although sites look different, some load faster than others and most have the same games. There are a few interesting game providers that have come into Asia with fantastic graphics and gameplay but there are always the old favourites.

Here is the 5 Gambling Sites NOT to Avoid in Malaysia (not in any particular order):

  • EMPIRE777 – the site offers 6 different languages which tells you they are available in most countries in this region.The site loads extremely quickly as it is light, design is simple and straightforward. If you linger for a while, the customer service will chat with you – this is something not too common. Deposits and Withdrawals are quite quick and within minutes, the fastest we have experienced is slightly over a minute.
  • W88 – the current site is hidden behind many other links, this is probably due to them being blocked on most Malaysia ISP DNS. What this means is for example instead of loading the site will give you an error. The site loads fast as well, having most navigation at the top. No complaints with their Deposits and Withdrawals as well, you can trust them.
  • LALA88 – one of the sites that has been around for many years, they too have had a couple of domain name changes due to the same reason. But a worthy mention for them is they have one of the largest daily withdrawal limits in Malaysia and barring payment gateway issues, they’ve also been quick to pay you your winnings. The site loads relatively quickly but with its huge offering it’s like choosing your food at a well stocked buffet – spoilt for choice!
  • BK8 – the site has been around for a while but in recent years they have really invested in marketing. Initially we ranked them quite low because of our less than stellar experience with their customer service, but we have to say they have improved greatly since then.
  • ON88 – this site deserves a special mention because they have a nice and stable app that gives a better experience than their site which is not bad. Everything loads faster on the app and we were not affected by the blocks put in place by Malaysia ISPs. Because they use Help2Pay, we had no issues with Deposits and Withdrawals. On the odd occasion when we did have issues, their customer service sorted us out in a matter of minutes.

There are many other Online Casinos in Malaysia that deserve mention, however to keep it short these are the few we felt you should first take a look at. In our upcoming articles, we will delve more into the other interested ones that deserve your attention and why.

If you have something to share, write in to use at [email protected].

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