The Premier Sim Racing E1 Championship Kicks off with Season One

The premier sim racing championship is back! Flagging off this April 2021 on RaceRoom, E1 Championship Season One is bringing the thrill of racing to everyone.

After the trial season zero that commenced on late January of 2021, where Naquib Azlan of Stratos Motorsports went home with winnings of 5,000.00 USD, the E1 Championship has returned with a new season! The season finale of E1 Championship Season Zero is available in YouTube, available below:

E1 Championship

The new season will feature a total of 14 teams, each with two drivers totaling up to 28 drivers. The drivers will be competing for a total prize pool of 15,000.00 USD.

The teams invited are mostly from the Asia Pacific region, but the invitation scope is global.

Crew Chiefs will be allowed on discord to talk to the driver to decide race setups and strategy. If a team has more than one entry, drivers may talk to one another. Discord channels must be made available to the organiser and may be broadcast.Drivers must always be on Zoom for broadcast purposes too. Teams will have access to timing screens through discord

The season will be split into 8 rounds, the schedule is as follows:

RoundRace TrackDate
Round 1Salzeburgring, Germany7th April 2021
Round 2Brands Hatch, UK14th April 2021
Round 3 *Fixed SetupWatkins Glen, America21st April 2021
Round 4Suzuka, Japan28th April 2021
Round 5 *Joker Race FormatAragon, Spain5th May 2021
Round 6Zandvoort, Holland19th May 2021
Round 7Blisterberg, Germany26th May 2021
Round 8 *Double PointsNordschleife, Germany2nd June 2021
E1 Championship Season 1 Schedule

Round 1 of the season has concluded on 7th of April where Muhammad Aleef (#29) from Singapore has emerged victorious in the first place and lead the leaderboards with 25 point. Muhammad Ibrahim (#2) from India trails after with 20 points while Muhammad Bin Azlan (#21) claims third place on the leaderboard with 16 points. Stay tuned with the second round commencing on the 14th of April to see how the leaderboard will continue to shift over the upcoming weeks!

Find out more about E1 Championship on their official site!

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