The International 10 Survival Guide

The International 10 Survival Guide

TI10 will kick off in Bucharest with 18 of the best teams from around the world competing for the lion’s share of the $40M+ prize pool.

TI10 is finally here and GosuGamers has you covered with a comprehensive, one-stop guide to all things TI10 to keep you in the know. 

No other event rivals The International and TI10 will be no exception. Staggering prize pools, prime cut games between teams of the highest caliber, gut-wrenching action, emotional storylines, top-notch production, unique and engaging content, and perhaps a surprise or two will create the landscape that fans around the world will talk about for the rest of the year and aspiring players will etch into their hearts as their goal and dream for next year. 

Ten days of glorious Dota 2 will kick off tomorrow with the Group Stage. Eighteen teams will begin, only one will seize the Aegis of Champions and the lion’s share of the more than $40 MILLION prize pool. 

TI10 Teams

The TI10 invited teams

 Evil Geniuses
 Quincy Crew
 Invictus Gaming
 Vici Gaming
 Team Secret
 Team Aster
 Thunder Predator

The TI10 qualified teams

 Team Spirit
 SG esports
 Team Undying


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