The growth of esports in the Middle East

The growth of esports in the Middle East

When discussing esports, casual gaming, and online gambling certain regions of the world will instantly come to the minds of most casual observers. Clearly North American and Asia are the hotbeds but the Middle East and Arabic speaking world are actually showing incredible growth in these areas. 

The community online gaming platforms are growing quickly in this region, which is an encouraging sign for interested investors for the industry. Will the eSports environment and all connected eSports betting continue to expand further in the Middle East?

There is no one single factor for the increased interest in this market; rather many factors and conditions converge to help drive high interest in eSports in the Middle East. One of the most relevant factors is the level of internet penetration in North Africa and the Middle East. Despite common misconceptions, high numbers of the population are connected; in some cases even more so than in certain European regions.

Certainly, another relevant factor for the growing success of eSports in the region is a lack of opportunities for watching and playing real-life sports. Covid-19 has caused these activities to be highly restricted or even canceled. This fact alone has led millions of sports-passionate people to begin following esports and placing bets on their favorite players and teams.

It is important to note that the diffusion and growth of the mobile industry has also contributed to the success of video gaming. Many gamers even use their mobile device as a primary means to play.


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