The Faces of Freya Slot Game Review

Faces of Freya Slot

The goddess Freya will grant her power to you, use it to build your wealth and fortune in the slot The Faces of Freya.

Based around the popular theme of Norse mythology, Play`nGO focuses the slot on Freya, the goddess of Sorcery, Love and War. It’s a 5×3 video slot played along 20 pay-lines. It is with 96.20% RTP, Medium Volatility.

Single Power Free Spins

Single Power Free Spins contains three modes, one of which will be randomly selected once the feature is activated. Free Spins can be triggered by landing Freya’s magical Amulet (the Scatter symbol) on the reels in one spin.

Players are awarded an initial six spins, and any Scatters that land during the feature awards an extra spin, with no cap!

Once Free Spins start either Spins of Sorcery, Spins of Love and Spins of War will activate, each one giving players a different game experience.

Spins of Sorcery
In this mode, symbols will be upgraded. Either one, two or three different symbols will be chosen for upgrade and turned into more powerful symbols.
Spins of Love
On each individual spin 2, 3 4 or 5 Wilds will be added to the grid.
Spins of War
On each spin, a random multiplier is selected to be applied to any wins on that spin. The multiplier will either be x2, x3, x5, x10 or even x20!
Faces of Freya Slot
Faces of Freya Slot
Faces of Freya Slots

Single Power Balance Saver

The Single Power Balance Saver can be activated by landing two triggers on a single spin. This will award a single spin with one of the Sorcery, Love or War features activated.

Spins of Folkvang

Landing 4 or 5 Scatters on the reels will trigger the bonus feature, Spins of Folkvang! Spins of Folkvang will combine all three free spin levels into one glorious round, and adds an extra one in there too! Each of the first three levels is played out in five spins, and the final level will award 2 or 4 spins if triggered by 4 or 5 Scatters respectively.

Spins of Folkvang is triggered by 4 or 5 Scatters landing on the reels in a single spin. An initial five spins are awarded, and Spins of Sorcery is activated, and players must collect Scatters to progress to further stages. Each mode works a little differently than it does during free spins.

Level 1 – Spins of Sorcery

Shield & Axe will be upgraded into one of the more powerful HP symbols and, depending on how many Scatters are collected, more HPs are upgraded:

3 Scatters – Shield & Axe and Wild Boar are upgraded to Large Cats

5 Scatters – Shield & Axe, Wild Board and Large Cats are upgraded to Torc

Level 2 – Spins of Love

Initially, two Wilds are placed on the reels, but this increases depending on the number of Scatters collected.

3 Scatters = 3 Wilds

5 Scatters = 4 Wilds

7 Scatters = 5 Wilds

Level 3 – Spins of War

The multiplier starts at x2, but increases when more Scatters are collected.

3 Scatters = x3 multiplier

5 Scatters = x5 multiplier

7 Scatters = x10 multiplier

9 Scatters = x20 multiplier

Level 4 – Spins of Folkvang

The final level of the feature combines all three of the previous levels!

The slot features a balance saver, a powerful free spin mode, win multipliers and a bonus spin round for players to dig into.

Score: 7/10

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