The Dota 2 event, Nemestice, + Spectre Arcana

The summer event, Nemestice, has arrived and it has brought with it the Nemestice Battle Pass, which contains the Spectre Arcana and much more.

A few days ago, when Valve announced that The International might have to be moved from Stockholm, Sweden, they also mentioned that the summer event, Nemestice, would be released soon.

Well, it’s here and it has brought with it a lot more than you would expect! Along with Nemestice comes a Battle Pass, which has a ton of stuff in it, including the much-awaited Spectre Arcana. You thought there wouldn’t be a Battle Pass this year?! Well, you were wrong!

Now let’s get to the Battle Pass. What all does it have?

Spectre Arcana (Battle Pass Level 330)

The much awaited Spectre Arcana, which goes by the name of ‘Phantom Advent’, is finally here, nearly a year after the voting ended in last year’s Battle Pass. There is a catch though – the arcana can be obtained only by getting to level 330 of the Battle Pass. Traditionally, the arcana for the hero that wins the vote has been made available separately. With this arcana being so far down the line, players will either have to play and win an insane number of games or bring out their wallets if they are to acquire the Mercurial’s new form. The arcana also has an alternate style, which makes it red in color and it does look pretty good. But to unlock it, players will have to get a mega kill streak in 100 unique games, so watch out, there are going to be a lot of Spectres in games from now on.

Dragon Knight Persona (Battle Pass Level 195)

Inspired by the Dota 2 series on Netflix (Dragon’s Blood), Dragon Knight has received a new persona – Davion of Dragon Hold. This is available at level 195, so it’s a lot easier to unlock it as compared to the Spectre arcana. But to unlock all his sword, helm and pauldrons, you will have to go to levels 200, 215 and 222 respectively.


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