The Biggest Parlay Wins

The Ultimate Go-big-or-go-home, Here Are Cases Where The Winner Truly Took it All

What is a parlay bet?

There are several other pseudonyms for a parlay bet, this includes accumulator, combo bet or multi-bet. In short, a parlay bet is a single sequence bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together.

For example, a standard parlay bet may include a sequence of these bets:

  • Vegas Golden Knights +1.5 handicap over the Houston Beavers
  • Golden State Warriors victory over Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Chicago Bulls vs Charlotte Horntes total score over 215.5

In order for the parlay bet to count as a win, all three of these bets have to meet their win condition, even if any one of them fall short, there will not be any winnings for the parlay bet placed even though two out of the three bets place have met their conditions.

In order to calculate the final winnings for the parlay bet, convert the odds on your lines to decimal format (Factor in the individual wins for each successive bets). Then, multiply those decimal odds together for the overall odds for that parlay.

Paying Big: 20,000 to 1 Odds – 15 Leg

A 15-Leg bet, referring to the above example, is a parlay bet involving fifteen separate bets that all accumulated to the ultimate win – And of course, 20,000 to 1 odds is self-explanatory, it’s a 0.005% chance to win – rarer than the lottery!

NFL Season’s 15-leg parlay results

During the 2015 NFL season, novice sports bettor Tayla Polia won a 15-leg NFL parlay (above), according to CBS Sports. Polia beat 20,000-to-1 odds when she cashed in her $5 ticket for a $100,005 payday. She successfully called 14 NFL games against the spread and nailed one “over” as well.

Polia initially thought she had lost her bet when the New York Giants fell to the Carolina Panthers by three. Fortunately for her, she had taken the spread — Giants +5. The closest game on the ticket ended up involving the Steelers, who beat the Broncos 34-27 in that shootout. The spread was Steelers -6. 

And just like that, Tayla Polia took home a whooping one-hundred thousand, along with the original five-dollar stake. One thing we can tell you is that she wouldn’t miss that five dollar anyway!

The $10 Parlay to win $109,071.88

A 14-leg parlay that paid out at 10971-1 odds. The bet, which was placed on Nov. 14 in New Jersey, resulted in a windfall of $109,000 off a $10 investment. As the chart below shows, this wasn’t really a sweat, save for the bet on the Mississippi State spread, which only covered by 1.5 points.

The 7993.5-1 wager

Betting the under is a good contrarian play because everyone wants more scoring. Rooting for less scoring seems un-American, but it can be a good bet because sometimes the over/under can be mispriced. This bettor used the uncertain pricing of college football’s week 1 schedule to win an amazing 14-leg parlay, betting only the under. He or she had to wait until Monday night’s primetime Louisville-Ole Miss matchup to see if their parlay would hit, and the word on Twitter was that the person did not hedge their bet at all. A bold move that paid off.

While many experts will tell you that parlay bets are not an economical wager, who knows? Black swan events such as these defies all common sense – will it be you?

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