The 10 Most Famous Sports that Sports Bettors Go For

Ten Best Sports to Bet On

Look no further – These are the sports bettors are most willing to stake their money on


Football is undoubtedly the biggest sport in the world – always. Football is the sport that has captured the hearts of fans throughout the world and is one of the most popular globally to watch and bet on. The popularity factor makes it a great betting option due to the vast amount of options you can find, different quarter bets, halftime bets, players bets, corner kicks total, and more!

Advantages: Large accessibility, Competitive odds across all sites, Large betting market

Disadvantages: Overwhelming choices, Time constricted and requires fast betting


Tennis is also widely considered one of the most exciting sports in the world, with a large following both domestically and globally. Having a bet on such a contest just further sweetens the deal, with you being able to bet on every point, set, and game. Since the game is played in sets, it allows a customized ranged of betting based on the bettor’s preferences. There is also a notable market in handicap betting due to the tennis pro landscape.

Advantages: Betting options are broken across different segments, Customizable scope of betting

Disadvantages: A notable entry barrier especially for new bettors


The NBA is the single largest basketball league in the world, with 82 games played for each 30 teams each season – This provides a large range of games for people to bet on. There are also a significant division of the top teams and the lower tier teams which makes it easier for bettors to gauge. The NBA playoffs that happens every year generate extremely large betting traffic, each series being played to a Best of 7 series. There are also ‘variety’ odds such as MVP and Rookie of the Year odds. We also offer great betting tips to maneuver the NBA!

Advantages: Great live betting, Large amount of games, Large amount of variety

Disadvantages: Licensing rights means no live streaming so less accessible unless with subcription


The NFL is the largest American sports league, and also home to the most competitive rugby field. American Football offers a wonderful mix of high-octane action and strategic depth. This makes for an awesome betting experience with markets to suit pretty much anyone interested.

Plus, it also has betting benefits similar to the NBA in how well the teams know each other and their rich history between each other.

Advantages: Rewards long term bettors due to experience with the scene, Large number of interesting markets

Disadvantages: Lack of coverage in certain region / Time zone issues


We mentioned in our con of boxing that there aren’t always the events to bet on. MMA is like a perfect compromise in that regard, they have the huge fights, the big events, the competitive odds, the promotional opportunities, but they also have a schedule and planned fight cards so that you can enjoy the best combat athletes in the world in a more regular betting basis.

Plus, this more scheduled nature means that the smart better can spend that time considering the cards and doing their research before putting their money down.

Advantages: Great scheduling, Rewards further research into matches to attain close results

Disadvantages: Potentially high cost

Horse Racing

The number of competitors makes horse racing very different to many others on this list of best sports to bet on. But the equally epic number of great markets make the most of those possibilities, turning that into a big positive. The traits of the bets can be very simple: You can bet to win, which is to bet on the winning horse, simple as they come.

Bettors can also bet their horses to place, which is to land in any of the top three spots. Otherwise, brave bettors can go for forecast bets which is to predict the top two horses in exact order.

Advantages: Niche interest which may be engaging to watch, Popular globally, Unique promotions

Disadvantages: Requires intense research for smart bets


E-sports has been on the rise for years now and is nowhere near its tipping point yet, with 443 million audiences worldwide. The good thing about e-sports is there are many for you to choose from based on your experience with various sports, and there are well-formatted leagues to help with structured betting. It can range from strategic games like Starcraft, popular shooters like PUBG, Overwatch, or MOBAs like DOTA.

Advantages: Many options to choose from, Large variety of streaming options, Engaging and interactive

Disadvatanges: Odds can be slightly less competitive than other established sports


For most of the others, we can base our betting calendar around events that take place every year or once every few years according to schedule. Boxing though is a little bit different, this is all about the big money events. For example, one extravaganza boxing event that everybody remembers – the Connor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather showdown from 2017

Advantages: Huge betting events, Special promotions for specific fights, Unique betting market and rules

Disadvantages: Lesser chances for betting due to quantity of events


Cricket is the perfect game for sports enthusiasts/bettors to lose themselves in. Not only is it incredibly deep and strategic, there is also a terrific selection of well-thought-out and creative cricket markets. The best betting sites out there ensures that they provide all the updates and detail you need across long matches.

Cricket betting is a category that focuses on enhancing the experience of sportsbetting itself, whether you win or lose, you get something out of it.

Advantages: Complexity, Great selection of markets, Excellent sports betting experience

Disadvantages: High entry barrier for the unfamiliar bettors, May take too long to finish.

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