Thailand’s Political Parties pushing for land-based casino

Thailand's Political Parties pushing for land-based casino

A number of Thai political parties have submitted draft amendments to the Gambling Act that, if approved, would legalize land-based and online gambling.

Logically, the plan includes properties in the provinces that receive the greatest amount of tourism traffic. The goal is to raise funds during a period when the country’s economy is still recovering after the COVID-19 debacle.

They need more revenue, by legalizing casinos, it would create more jobs, stimulate local economies, and provide tax revenue to the government. Kovit Pangngam, a member of the Thai Local Power Party, expects that the land-based casinos would generate approximately around THB400 billion to THB600 billion (about US$11.6 billion to $17.46 billion) per year.

Kovit stated that means a lot of revenue. Between taxes, license fees, and other sources, Thailand could generate as much as THB1.5 trillion (US$43.7 billion) from the online segment alone.

The Gambling Act Amendment Draft included verification of players in order to make sure that no underage person can access these services. It also includes measures to prosecute unlicensed platforms.


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