Thailand would allow five legal casinos to start

Thailand would allow five legal casinos to start

Thailand’s project to bring legal casinos to the country is moving forward.

A House panel plans to propose to Thailand the establishment of five legal casinos. The panel believes the initiative of the legal casinos will reduce the number of illegal gambling in the country.

But operators would need to be prepared to pay up to 30% of taxes. For some potential candidates that could be a turn-off. But there will still be possibility of interest from others, especially if the government approves online gambling.

As the committee outlines the project, one casino would be authorized in the northern, northeast, central, Greater Bangkok, and southern regions. The government has already chosen one spot in the Tak Province. In addition, the properties would be able to offer online and traditional gambling.

The establishment of legal casinos is also intended to attract tourists to Thailand. The committee will continue working on the project, and in a month, present its latest findings to the government.


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