Team Spirit take Dota 2 Champions League trophy

Team Spirit DOTA

Revamped by Epic Esports Events and GRID, Dota 2 Champions League crowned its champions last night, April 12, after Team Spirit dominated in the grand finals.

Team Spirit seems to have adapted pretty fast to the 7.29 patch, released just a few days ago. After defeating Team Unique and High Coast Esports in the single-elimination playoff bracket, they swept 2-0 in the grand finals to claim the title and to take home $10,000 for their run.

Spirit’s carry player, Illya “yatoro” Mulyarchuk, stole the spotlight in the grand finals. His spotless performance on Wraith King in game one and Phantom Lancer in game two, led to a 20/0/21 K/D/A, while he also nearly doubled the damage done by anyone on his team through the whole series.

With him setting a very aggressive playstyle and Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek joining him everywhere on the map on Storm Spirit in both games, were overwhelmed and had no real option on mounting a comeback. The tournament format featured only a best-of-three series, which allowed Team Spirit to storm the grand finals 2-0.

Three of the four teams that got directly invited to the playoffs finished top four in the first season of D2CL. Team Spirit took the championship title, finished second and High Coast placed in third place, tied with Brame. While this event served as a perfect playground for all the teams to test their ideas for the new patch, fans can catch them again starting today, April 13 with the return of Dota Pro Circuit regional leagues.

Team Spirit have their first DPC series scheduled for April 16 in the CIS upper division, will play their game later today, April 13 in the EU lower division, High Coast will enter the battle on April 17, while Brame are one of the two teams that got promoted in the previous DPC season and will start their upper division run in the EU region on April 17.


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