Sweet Treats Slot Game Review

Sweet Treats Slot

Get some marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate bars, and strawberry at Sweet Treats slot trusted gaming site online casino Malaysia!

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Welcome to Malaysia Online Betting Website, lala88.com casino slot games – Sweet Treats . Enjoy pc/mobile online casino risk-free betting sessions all day. Play your favorite slots for a fully responsive gaming experience. Friendly live chat support is 24/7 available for you!

Sweet Treats Gameplay

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Sweet Treats is 3×3 reels slot game with 8 pay-lines. Inside the reels of this particular game, punters will put down as little as 1.20 credits, which works out at 0.15 coins per line, in order to make their way towards some big prizes. Most of the rewards here are of a monetary value, with the scatter symbol working as another means to get more high-paying treats, rather than an entry into a set of free spins. It’s a compact slot machine, but it’s one that has enough variance to keep most casual gamblers happy.

Giving into Temptation

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We don’t often take such an in-depth look at the pay table, for normally there’s so much to see that we struggle to know where to start. However, with this amusement with prizes, all that the game is is the pay table and its symbols, and so we find it best to start there. That’s right, there’s no side game action of any kind, nor is there a gamble feature, which would have definitely helped to spice up the potential dullness of this interface.

Slot Game Bonus Feature

Sweet Treats Slot

Out of all the icons, the scatter symbol is the highest paying, coming in at 500 credits for every nine of them. This return is the same for all gamblers, not simply those who aim for the max bet, and so, as you can see, Sweet Treats is a low limit rewarding activity. Not that we mind as such, but we’d have preferred to have more of a monetary offering available. Maybe something like instant wins, or juicy multipliers that reach untold heights… that would have been nice and welcomed.

Let Them Eat Cake!

Sweet Treats Slot


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