Sportsbetting offers for FIFA World Cup in Malaysia

Sportsbetting offers for FIFA World Cup in Malaysia

Online Sports Betting and Online Casino Malaysia is growing and getting more popular over the past few years as more people found the convenience of being able to place a bet on their favorite team from anywhere, everywhere, and anytime they want to.

On top of that, a lot of online casino malaysia websites support features and unique offerings such as bonuses and promotions. Especially since FIFA World Cup 2022 is just 3 months away from now, some online casinos offer an early bet.

See FIFA World Cup 2022 betting offers and free bets from the Best Online Casino Malaysia.


LALA88 - Lucky Always

Right now LALA88 Online Casino Malaysia offers you extra bonus if you place an early bet on FIFA World Cup 2022. Amazing right? The early you place your bet, the more bonus you get.

This promotion applies to LALA88 members, and the promotion period ends on 20th November 2022 (GMT+8)


12Bet has something very exciting for you. Do you ever dream of going to watch FIFA World Cup in Qatar, with lavish accommodation? Basically, everything is paid for, you just need to go there and enjoy! If yes, then you should participate now!

The promotion ends on 23:59:59(GMT+8) 31 October 2022. All members are required to fill out the form and then click submit to participate in this promotion. What are you waiting for? Participate and try your luck now!


W88 is not offering any early bet for FIFA World Cup 2022, but they do have sports betting promotions. And I think that’s not bad too right? You can check their ongoing promotions here.

Place your bet on FIFA World Cup 2022 now!

We have made a list of the most trusted online casino Malaysia where you can place your bet on the FIFA World Cup with peace of mind. We hope that you have great luck with your wagers and that you find the online sportsbook that is most suited to meet all of your needs.

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