Sony reveals PlayStation VR2 and a new Horizon game

Sony announced that its successor to the PSVR will be called PlayStation VR 2, alongside a teaser video for a brand new immersive Horizon game.

During the CES 2022 press conference, the Japanese entertainment and electronics giant confirmed the name of its upcoming Virtual Reality (VR) system, which will be called PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2. 

Designed for PlayStation 5, Sony also shared that the VR controller will be officially named PlayStation VR 2 Sense, which was teased by the company in March 2021. The controller will provide haptic feedback, a key feature available in the DualSense controller.

It was explained in the press conference that the PSVR2 is built with inside-out tracking which means it will not require an external camera, unlike the older generation. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO, Jim Ryan paired the announcement with the reveal of a new Horizon game teaser video. Developed by Sony-owned Guerilla Games, Horizon Call of the Mountain will be the first big exclusive title for PSVR2. 


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