Russia Expelled from World Cup & UEFA Qualifiers


Following the dramatic political upheaval, the UEFA Confederation along with the FIFA Committee has handed down bans to the Russian football team

On 27 February 2022, after the threat of boycotts by present members of the UEFA confederation: Czech Republic, Sweden, and Poland, team Russia was prohibited to play home games in Russia.

Later on 28 February 2022, a final, swift ban was handed down to suspended the participation of Russia from all organised international football competitions.

The initial decision made on the 27th was met with strong outcry, with global players’ union FIFPro on Monday releasing a statement saying it “strongly disagreed” with the initial measures taken by FIFA.

Only a day after, FIFA responded swiftly to the criticisms by immediately enacting a strong-handed approach. With other nations also coming out to say they would not play against Russia, FIFA and UEFA were left with little choice.

Russia was originally scheduled to play against Poland in the second round play-offs of the UEFA confederation.

In regards to seeding, the elimination of Russia would effectively mean that Hungary would replace Russia by way of national league ranking qualifications. Hungary trails after Austria (Rank 18) and Czech Republic (Rank 19) at Rank 20 in the national league ranking leaderboards.

There may be further changes depending on development in the following days, as of the moment, the next round of FIFA qualification matches remains the same, to be played from the 24th of March to 30th of March

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