Resorts World Genting Opens Up Again

Resorts World Genting Opens Up Again

After a turbulent year and more, the world-famous casino is re-opening again to the public

The Resorts World Genting casino complex in Malaysia reopened on the first of October, 2021. Only a number of its facilities were made accessible to the public, one of which includes the Genting Casino. This was stated on a Thursday notice on the website of the venue, a property operated by Genting Malaysia Bhd.

The casino has seen several closuers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic period in Malaysia. The firm had announced on May 31 that the whole of the complex was to be shut temporarily in accordance with the local government’s decision in combating the Covid cases in the country that has been constantly on the uptick, seeing as much as 20 thousand per day at one point.

Similar closures and cases has been seen in many other countries across the world as well. Previously it was thought that the casino would reopen on November but now it would seem that things were progressing faster than initially expected.

“Resorts World Genting has reopened with limited offerings” with effect from October onward, in accordance with Malaysia’s national recovery plan.

“All our employees are fully vaccinated and ready to welcome guests in a safe environment at Resorts World Genting. Some of our facilities and offerings are only available to guests who are fully vaccinated.”

Quotes the Genting officials

Other amenities and attractions that were set to relaunch in the Genting complex include the Resorts World Awana, Genting Grand, and Highlands Hotel. A number of dine-in outlets were also on the list, which stated: “Our premises are open to fully vaccinated individuals only.” Which is the current standard for business activities active in Malaysia

The World Famous resort has won two 2018 Forbes Accolades
The World Famous resort has won two 2018 Forbes Accolades

Genting also further clarifies that it “would be reopening more facilities and offerings once interstate travel is allowed” within Malaysia.

Brokerage Nomura had said last week that the mulled reopening of Resorts World Genting on October 1 would be a “positive development” for parent Genting Malaysia.

Once Resorts World Genting had reopened, Nomura said investors should also pay attention to any news on the launch date for the Skyworlds outdoor theme park. The brokerage’s analysts said it should happen “some time within the fourth quarter 2021″.

The new outdoor theme park at Resorts World Genting has been touted as a likely major draw for tourists.

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