Microgaming – Racing for Pinks Slots Game Review

Racing for Pinks Slots

On the streets, we play for keeps. We only race for pink slips out here.

Step on the gas and burn some rubber! Out here on the streets, the racers dominate and keep the night full of action. When you race in these parts, you race for keeps in the Racing for Pinks slots game on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

The crowd is waiting to go wild at the starting line. Hear the roar of the engines and feel the rumbling of the cylinders as they get ready to blast off into the night for the prized pink slips.

Racing for Pinks Slots Reels

Burning Through the Midnight Streets

Get ready to risk it all. The race girls are standing by, and the cars are all lined up! Shift into top gear and get ready to put the pedal to the metal. The stakes are high, and the air is so tense you can cut through it.That’s the reality of the midnight street races, and you gotta be in on it to win it all!

The Racing for Pinks online slots game dumps you straight into the action and pushes you out into the starting line of the races. The background of the reels shows the intense crowds cheering you on as you start your engines and get ready to burn some rubber! The reels on the slots game features the many graphical elements that put you right into the action – the hot rod, the muscle car, the all-American rod, the Japanese tune-car, the souped-up beetle, the midnight racer, the bottles of nitrous oxide, the muscle engine, and the briefcase of cash for the winner!

Racing for Pinks Slots Reels

Start Playing Racing for Pinks Slots Game

Kick off this race by making one very important decision. In the Racing  for Pinks slots game, things are specifically engineered to be extremely streamlined to improve your play experience. When you launch the game, all you have to do is to select the total amount you wish to bet on each spin on the reels, and hit Spin to kick things off! The more you bet on each spin, the higher your amount of winnings whenever you make matches on the reels! Make sure you bet the biggest amount in order to get the best value out of each spin!

The Racing for Pinks logo is the Wild symbol in this slots game. Whenever you hit a Wild symbol in this game, it will help you substitute for all other symbols that show up on the slots reels except for the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbols will significantly increase your odds of winning whenever they appear, so always be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Racing for Pinks Slots Reels

The Sexy Lady Scatter symbol is the Scatter symbol in the Racing for Pinks slots game. The Scatter symbol appears on reels one and five. When the Scatter symbols show up on their designated reels, you are immediately awarded with the Free Spin Bonus! Two of the Scatter symbols will pay you two times (2x) your total bet! You can win up to thirty Free Spins with up to a five times (5x) multiplier when you hit these bonus Scatter symbols! The bonus can be triggered during your free spins!

Racing for Pinks Slots Reels

That’s not the only special feature available on this high octane slots game! When the Bonus Race symbol shows up on reel one and reel five, you trigger the Bonus Race feature! When the Bonus Race feature is triggered, you stand a chance to win up to one hundred and seventy five times (175x) your total bet! In this Bonus Race feature, the game is simple – you are shown a screen where you can pick a racer for up to five races. Pick the correct winner for each race to advance to the next level. When you successfully pick all five winners from all five races, you win the grand prize! Bonus wins are added to way wins!

Get ready and strap yourself in, you’re in for a wild ride!

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