PokerStars is on its way to Cambodia next month

PokerStars is on its way to Cambodia next month

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is back in action after missing for a year.

The PokerStars-led series is adding a new stop. For the first time, it’s on its way to Cambodia, where NagaWorld will host a few tournaments next month.

This year, PokerStars and the APPT went to the Philippines and ran a successful series of tournaments at Okada Manila, and now they want to try Cambodia.

PokerStars will give it a try, adding five events to the APPT. The series will begin on November 3 and wrap up on November 13. To close everything out, the Flutter-owned company will hold a Cambodia Players Party on November 12 at NagaWorld’s Arena Sports Bar.

But somehow the timing is a little odd because of what’s going on in Cambodia right now, and NagaWorld will host the events, despite still dealing with a strike of some of their employees.

There’s not much precedent for poker tournaments in Cambodia, which is a way of saying there’s no easy way to gauge the success of the upcoming series. The World Poker Tour has been there a few times and has seen a decent response, but nothing extraordinary.


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