Play’n GO – Agent of Hearts Slot Game Review

Agent of Hearts Slot

Game Release from Play’n GO – Agent of Hearts on 8-19-2021.

Everyone knows that The Queen of Hearts keeps hers under lock and key as it holds the secrets to Wonderland’s wealth. So, what happens when those keys go missing?

Tasked with the mission to find the keys, the Queen has named her Agent of Hearts. You. In return, she has promised a share of Wonderland’s enormous wealth!

Agent of Hearts is a video slot played on a 7-7-5-5-5-7-7 symbol-high grid with 20 Payways. It has 96.25 RTP & High Volatility with Free Game Support but no Progressive Jackpot feature.

On any non-winning spin, there is a chance for 4 to 7 Random Heart Wilds will be added to the grid. Heart Wilds substitute for all symbols except Keys.

Agent symbols are collected when they form part of a winning combination, collect 6 to unlock the associated Agent feature. Alternatively, the White Rabbit may randomly appear and instantly unlocks an Agent feature. If multiple Agent features are unlocked at the same time, then the sequence in which they play are as follows: Cupcake Splat, Smokin’ Phat, Grinning Cat, Mad Hat.

Cupcake Splat
The Dormouse runs across from the top to the bottom of the grid, leaving a trail of cupcake bombs behind him. The cupcakes bombs explode and will either remove the symbol beneath or transform them to a randomly selected symbol.

Smokin’ Phat
The Caterpillar blows 1 to 3 trails of smoke across the grid in diagonal lines. The smoke will either remove the symbols beneath or transform them to a randomly selected symbol.

Grinning Cat
The Cheshire Cat grins appears over the grid. The grin will either remove the symbols beneath or transform them to a randomly selected symbol.

Mad Hat
6 to 9 of the Mad Hatter hats appear over the grid. The hats spin and remove any adjacent symbols, before transforming the symbol underneath into a randomly selected symbol.

Collect 3 Keys in 1 spin to trigger the Queen’s Heart Free Spin. After all cascades have concluded, the Queen’s Heart Mega Wild unleashes the Random Heart Wilds feature before jumping onto the grid itself, as a 3×2 Mega Wild symbol, that substitutes for all symbols.

With all matters of the heart. It’s never that simple!

Score: 7/10

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