Review: Paytrust88 – South East Asia Payment Solution

Paytrust88 is a payment solution platform linked with instant bank transfers.

Paytrust88 claims to offer this payment solution on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

With Paytrust88, you can carry out both deposits and withdrawals. Currently, they accept bank payments from 6 different countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and South Korea.

One of the feature that their users appreciate is the No ChargesBack.

The benefit of using Paytrust88 is that no matter which option you select, the payments can be carried out almost immediately a deposit is made. You will be able to see the funds inside your casino account. 

To cater to the needs of players from all over the world, the payment option is available in a range of languages including English, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

When you are seeking information on what this service has to offer, you will find that their website answers your basic questions, but does not cover the full scope of the offerings. This is because of the individual and customized needs of all their services. They can be contacted using an online contact form to provide information that is fully directed to a client need.


( – ) No Email support, you have to contact them through the website by fill in the form
( – ) No hotline number stated on the website
( – ) Must have an online bank account

Short Facts

Company Name: Paytrust88
Slogan: Manage all your Asian payments from ONE solution 
Transaction time: Instant

Here are some of the companies that using Paytrust88 services:


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