PARTYPOKER to Withdraw from multiple gray markets

Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Serbia, South Korea and Vietnam are among countries now barred at partypoker.

It’s not a secret that the Asian poker market is perhaps the most complex one today. Almost all countries can be called a “gray area” as the regulations are not very clear, or gaming is forbidden in countries like China.

Online poker room partypoker has ceased offering all real money gambling services in various, predominantly Asian, markets.

Last week, partypoker decided to leave some Asian countries and players are confused about where to continue playing.

While no official statement has been issued, details first emerged in emails sent to players residing in those countries on August 9, with the ban taking effect on Monday, August 12.

No further explanations were given, and the only response was via Twitter, where a representative said the decision was due to a “recent review in a small number of countries.”

The affected countries are (those confirmed by the players, since partypoker has not released an official statement):

  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Serbia (although some players commented that Serbia was removed from the list)

It’s clear that the decision to close its doors was due to unclear regulations, and probably related to the launching in some US states since the DOJ requires to cut the relationship with gray markets.

Also, it’s in line with the partypoker roadmap to focus on its software and improve the poker ecology instead of fighting with local authorities for offering games.

There is no doubt that partypoker will pay all players their balance (the email sent states that any pending bonuses or unused tickets will become cash), but the big question is: where can Asian continue playing in 2019?

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