Phil-Asian Gaming Expo 2019

PAGE2019-Gamingsafe is here!

The Phil-Asian Gaming Expo (PAGE) was basically a 2 level showcase of largely Chinese language white label providers, the better-known names that were present were Playtech, SA Gaming and iSoftbet.

Phil Asian Gaming Expo (PAGE) - Mahjong Time!

As you negotiated the aisles of the exhibition space, you spent considerable effort dodging girls shoving brochures and bags in your face. Nonetheless, we braved all that to bring you some of the products that we found interesting – you can view them on our Instagram.

Sexy Bacarrat seemed to be the popular choice offered by multiple vendors, offering you sexy, scantily clad girls that brought the focus away from the cold hard cash that you might be losing. (Check our Instagram feed!)

PAGE2019 - Manila, Philippines

Mahjong style games were also a crowd favourite, most of them followed a cartoonish “look and feel”. Most games seemed to be targeted more at the Chinese speaking mainland market.

A couple of the larger booths were flogging large scale VR games where you had to move in front of a Kinect camera to manipulate the game, perhaps this is targeted more at the physical gaming space.

Last but not least on The Phil-Asian Gaming Expo (PAGE), the white labels took up the majority of the space but when we approached them the modus operandi was – Leave us your card and someone will get back to you. It all seemed like a big customer database enhancement exercise.

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