Our Top Tips To Win At Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games that require a player to choose the hand that comes closest to the value of nine.  Even though this is a guessing game, there are a few strategies that can improve your chances of winning.  Read on to find out seven top strategies to help you win at online baccarat.  

1. Understand the game

Before you attempt to play baccarat online in Malaysia, you should get familiar with the rules and different variations of the game.  Understanding the rules can help you foresee how the game may unfold and adopt a strategy that offers a higher chance of winning.   

If you are new to online casino baccarat games, start with the basic version of the game to learn the tips and tricks before progressing to advanced levels.  This way, you’ll get to play at your own pace without feeling stress. 

2. Place your bets carefully

As with any game of chance, don’t try to spend a huge amount on each bet.  Learn to manage your bankroll wisely so that you can enjoy winning at some games and still have enough if you suffer from losing sessions.

While the amount you bet on online casino baccarat games largely depends on your risk appetite and strategy, making smaller bets will allow you to play for more sessions and slowly (but surely) reap some winnings along the way. 

3. Check the odds

While it is always tempting to bet on the banker since it has higher winning odds, every winning bet on the banker is subject to a commission fee to the bettor.  As such, make sure to verify the odds and commission before playing baccarat. A casino online once charged a 25% commission when the normal going rate is merely 5%!  Double-checking the details can surely help you avoid unnecessary payouts and let you save more for your next session.  

4. Avoid the tie bet 

The Baccarat tie bet means you wager that the outcome of the next game will be a tie between the Player and the Banker.  Even though tie bets pay 8:1 or 9:1, they don’t happen very often and can put you at greater risk because the house edge is nearly 15%.

So next time you play baccarat online in Malaysia, don’t go with the tie bet just because ‘8’ is your auspicious number.  Chances are the odds are against you.  

5. Stick to short sessions

When playing baccarat via casino online, keep in mind that the house edge will always get you in the long run.  You’ll be wise to play only short sessions.  As a control mechanism, decide how many games you’ll play right from the start.  In that way, you’ll know precisely when you need to stop playing and not chase after losses with longer sessions.

Similarly, decide on a reasonable sum of profit for your game and quit when you’ve reached the limit.  This strategy will prevent you from getting sucked into longer plays when you’re on a winning streak.

6. Don’t stray from your betting strategy 

When you’ve decided on the betting strategy, don’t change it halfway into the game.  Sometimes, players can get emotional after some losses and attempt to increase their bets in the hope of recouping their funds. This is not a good idea because a good strategy can reduce the house edge and improve your chances of winning in each session.  Even if you lose, you are losing less money on average, which means you can play longer on the same bankroll.

7. Pay attention to the fine print 

Always read the terms and conditions before opening an online casino account or make a deposit.  Casino gaming can involve a lot of money and you’ll want to be clear about what you’re signing up for before betting your hard-earn money on it. 

On that note, pay special attention to rules that you need to follow to qualify for bonuses and conditions that may limit your withdrawals.  

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