OMEGA League coming to Asia

OMEGA League coming to Asia

WePlay! Esports announced Tuesday, 22 July that the OMEGA League will feature a new Asia Divine Division that includes players from the China and Southeast Asia regions.

The Dota 2 tournament, which is set to take place from Aug. 1-22, will feature a total of 12 teams – six from each region – for a prize pool of $40,000.

Anton “WarLocK” Tokarev, the lead esports manager at WePlay! Esports said that they have announce OMEGA League last week, and it included both European and American regions.

Tuesday, 22 July they are happy to report that the players from China and SEA will also be a part of this event. With the remaining two competitive regions joining the fray, OMEGA League becomes truly global.

Each team will play in a series of best-of-three games in a round-robin format to determine the top seeds at the end of the group state. The top two teams will advance to the upper bracket, while the third-place club will move to the lower bracket along with the fourth- and fifth-place teams from each group for a separate play-in stage.

A representative of Epic Esports Events, Mark Averbukh said that as they have mentioned, they want to make this August unforgettable for all Dota 2 fans. And they just can’t imagine any International without one of the strongest regions!.

Together with WePlay! Esports, we got the best teams from three biggest parts of the world to bring you even more breathtaking emotions!

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