Nintendo Direct 9th February 2022 Recap

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct – Bringing you all the highlights of the latest releases on the Nintendo Switch

The long-awaited first Nintendo Direct of 2022 has arrived and graced us with more Nintendo new! And before anyone wonders – No, unfortunately there are no updates on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series, nor is there any word on the Hollow Knight: Silksong title.

With that said, there are many exciting news to have come out of the Nintendo Direct, and we at GamingSafe are excited to keep you up to date on the latest ongoings. Without further ado, here are the great highlights of the Nintendo Direct of 9th February:

Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky Comes to Nintendo Switch

No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch

The famous survival-exploration game that took the world by a storm – Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky will be debuting on Nintendo Switch on the summer of 2022!

Explore infinite galaxies, meet other life forms and players, and explore unlimited possibilities with your spaceship in No Man’s Sky

Valve’s Portal Companion Collection Comes to Nintendo Switch

Portal Companion Collection on Nintendo Switch

Portal Companion Collection will feature both Portal 1 & Portal 2, the classical, revolutionary platform game by Valve released on October 10, 2007 and April 18, 2011 respectively.

Enjoy a series of mind-boggling, innovational puzzles by opening and closing a series of portals on the floor, the wall, and all surfaces, all with an unbelievable revelation at the end! The classic collection will release in 2022

Mario Strikers Battle League Debuts on 10th of June

Mario Strikers Battle league on Nintendo Switch

Strap up! With it being the year of the FIFA World Cup, the Mario franchise brings you a new spin to the series, featuring exciting football gameplay with a twist of the classical craziness of Mario such as tackles, items, and crushing shots.

Rule the field and win by scoring more goals than your opponent! Players can equip gears that not only customizes appearnce but also increases stats such as speed and striking power. The stakes on the field is heightened with Hyper Strike: Charge up your kicks and destroy your opponents! Mario Strikers Battle League launches on the 10th of June

More Footage of Kirby & The Forgotten Land

Kirby & The Forgotten Land on Nintendo Switch

Kirby & The Forgotten Land will be launching on the 25th of March! The latest installment in the Kirby franchise will be played in 3d platform, just like the highly-rated Mario Odyssey. Explore the wonderful and magical world of Kirby, be dazzled by enchanting sprites when it launches next month on Nintendo Switch!

Other notable games

  • Platoon 3 next wave : Salmon Run – A boss rush type shooter game that will arrive on summer 2022; combat hordes of salmon enemies with your team and take down the final boss!
  • A new collection of revamped classical Series will be available on the switch, featuring Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Initially released in September 16, 2008) ; The classical Assassin Creed Ezio collection, and SD Gundam Battle Alliance
  • Fire Emblem Three Hope – New installation in Fire Emblem series with a new musou-genre take will come on June 24th
  • Nintendo Switch Sports – Play a series of sports game with joy-con support with friends and families
  • Disney Speedstorm – A free-to-play racing game now available for free featuring a casts of Disney & Pixar characters, racing in classical Mario Kart style

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