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Why Are Slots Machine A Hit?

Why Are Slots Machine A Hit?

Slot machines are inherently built to be fast-paced, and every single spin could be the reveled jackpot that players are looking for. Even when you’re not winning, you have that feeling in your heart you’re close to getting the jackpot. That’s further incentive and motivation for players to keep playing.

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Aeronauts Slot

Aeronauts Slots Game Review

The 3×5 grid is set against a blue sky, with balloons and ships home to the various inventors of the game working away inside them, one man though is too busy looking at you and what you’ll do next. This grey haired, goggle wearing gentleman has a wrench in hand, and will be your animated guide throughout the game – if nothing else he looks like a guy you’d sit down and have a cup of tea with.

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chinese new year slot

Chinese New Year Slot Game Review

Chinese New Year come with 5-reel, 25-payline game. It must have taken their artists ages to design. Each reel contains 3 visible symbol positions, and players win by landing 3 or more matching symbols in an unbroken line across any of the 25 paylines from left to right. Starting with the lowest value symbols, we see the plate of tasty-looking cookies which pay out 2x the amount staked per line when it lands on 3 reels, 10x for 4 across a payline and a full run is worth 50x.

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robinson slot

Robinson Slot Game Review

Robinson played on 5-reels slot machine as you can see Robinson is stood next to the reels, his grubby shirt and short shorts a sign of the things to come, with a gentle campfire offering some added warmth, not that we’ll need it until nightfall. Every one of the objects/images are associated with island life, so you can expect to see coconut drinks and torn map fragments, as well as a waving wild flag and Robinson digging a hole.

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