Stanley Ho - King of Gambling passes away

Stanley Ho – King of Gambling passes away

The 98-year-old will forever be remembered for his gaming monopoly in Macau under Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM) exclusive concession until 2001 and seen as the godfather of gambling in Macau, Ho lived a colourful personal life and left his mark as being the man who dominated the city’s casino empire for four decades.

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Melco Macau Based Casino is in trouble

The stock has underperformed the market with a 47% decline year-to-date compared to a 16% decline in the S&P 500. Melco is set to continue underperforming the market as mainland China imposes strict travel measures, this time including visitors entering its borders from special administrative regions like Macau and Hong Kong.

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Macau casino operators are facing new challenges

Macau has been forced to act after confirming a handful of new COVID-19 cases brought into the special administrative region of China by individuals who’d contacted the virus outside Macau. Hong Kong announced similar restrictions on foreign arrivals – including those from Macau – that will also take effect Wednesday (25 March).

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Macau Casino resume operations

Based on information previously disclosed by the gaming regulator, two of the city’s gaming venues were yet to ask for permission to resume operations. They were Casino Taipa, at the Regency Art Hotel; and the Casino Macau Jockey Club (pictured in a file photo) in Taipa, located in the Macau Roosevelt Hotel – both venues under the licence of SJM Holdings.

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