Online gaming world embrace the use of blockchain

Online gaming world embrace the use of blockchain

In the interview, Wraxall explained, “I think there’s so much hype around blockchain especially on the global level. I’m certainly not a blockchain evangelist. While there are cases where blockchain can be a really good technology to use, there are more cases where it’s terrible to use and being used for the wrong reasons.

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Libra Cryptocurrency

Libra: Why it is Different

The birth of Libra doesn’t come off as a surprise to many tech enthusiasts that have quite followed the agile steps of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg as he continues to grow his tech empire. If there is a dream Mr. Zuckerberg has always had, it is going into financial payments & tapping on the billions of users of his platforms(Facebook & Whatsapp) to enable them to send, receive cash and pay for goods and services.

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