Super 7 Slot

Super 7 Slot Game Review

A big prize for the players when three 7’s form in a line, to the indulgence of many. Now, “Super 7” recreates this classic masterpiece with the latest technology. You just cannot miss it.

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Dragon 8 Slot

Dragon 8 Slot Game Review

Far in the remote mountain of the northwest of China, it is said that there lies a rare dragon. 80-feet-long, shining with golden scales, the dragon is the guardian of the holy Dragon Ball and treasure. Whoever conquers the dragon will be blessed with a life of unlimited wealth.

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Big Three Dragons Slot

Big Three Dragons Slot Game Review

Big Three Dragons is a high-scoring combination in mahjong. The winning hand requires 3 pieces of each of the three Dragon Tiles (Red, Green and White). In our game “Three Big Dragons”, all players have to do is to gather any set of the tiles to win!

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Hoo Hey How Slot

Hoo Hey How Slot Game Review

Hoo Hey How is a classic 3×3 reel, 1-line slot. The name of the game is derived from the Chinese names of three of the principal symbols used in the game. The six faces of the die are fish, prawn, crab, stag, gourd and rooster.

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