Netflix releases the second episode of DOTA

In preparation for the big release of the animated series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on March 25, Netflix has hired the most beloved community figure and game lore expert, Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner, to create a series of lore videos for those who might get lost in the intricate stories of the Dota 2 universe.

While the first lore episode for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood introduced the viewers to a brief lesson of an “eighteen years in the making” Dota 2 history, the second episode is focused on some of the main characters in Netflix’s animated series.

Starting with Davion, The Dragon knight, who is the protagonist, SirActionSlaks highlights the main attributes of the other heroes that fight by his side and the main stories that motivate them and their foes in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

Filled with a lot of scenes from the actual anime, the “Meet the Heroes” lore episode talks about Davion, whom is described by Mirana’s words as being “brave, but stupid.” Although he isn’t the best Dragon Knight, Davion is committed to killing dragons and, among others, he has Mirana by his side.

Selemene, Luna, Invoker, and the eldwurms

Once a princess, Mirana was forced to flee and live in the sacred forest of Selemene, the Nightsilver Woods. 

Portrayed as a “smart, loyal and a skilled archer,” Mirana became the face of the Dark Moon Order, which is a group that worships Selemene, the Goddess of the Moon.

While Mirana is the Dark Moon face, Luna is presented by SirActionSlacks as the sword of the order, devoted to protecting the Goddess and her artifacts. 

“Meet the Heroes” also introduces Invoker, about whom we learn that he has an “unmatched memory, which makes him the most intelligent mortal” and the only one in the universe to know all the spells that exist. Interestingly enough, his motives are unknown, which most likely will make the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood plot take some unexpected turns.

SirActionSlaks is also giving brief introductions to eldwurms, the most powerful and ancient kind of dragons in the universe. Find out more about them and about Kaden, the only person to have ever fought an eldwurm and survived it, in the latest DOTA: Dragon’s Blood lore.


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