NBA Week 9: Mid-season Momentum

NBA Week 9: Mid-season Momentum

As the season approaches closer to mid-season, it is growing evident that which team are the ones that have met their expectations prior to the season beginning and which teams have fell short of those expectations. Here are a list of the league narratives taking over over the course of the last week:

MVP Race: Joel Embiid Gains the Public’s Favor

Following Los Angeles Lakers’s star center Anthony Davis injury, the Lakers have now lost 3 games straight:

  • Loss to Brooklyn Nets 109 – 98
  • Loss to Miami Heat 96 – 94
  • Loss to Washington Wizard 127 – 124

With the 3 losses after their star center takes a temporary leave, LeBron James’s argument for MVP seem to be waning. The all-time player would be gunning for his 5th MVP award in his career this season.

Meanwhile, the big man of Philidelphia 76ers Joel Embiid is taking over: With a terrific 50 point dominating performance and a constant barrage of 30+ points game (First center to average 30ppg since Wilt Chamberlain). Joel Embiid is potentially cementing his case for the first MVP award of his career, he also had an edge over fellow center Nikola Jokic as the 76ers are currently the first seed in the East Conference.

Is the Utah Jazz a Legitimate Threat?

After a 4-4 start to the season, the Jazz (25-6) have since surged ahead to top-dog status and are now at the front of the pack of NBA title contenders.

The team lead by Donovan Mitchell and 2-time DPOY Rudy Gobert is sporting some of the best offense and defense combination that the league has seen. However, there are skeptics that doubt that they can keep this up until the playoffs.

“It feels like they’ve peaked too soon,” said a Western Conference executive. “Look at them and the way they’re playing. There’s just not a lot of room for them to be any better than what we’re seeing now.”

These concerns are understandable as the Jazz has had a record of excelling in the regular season but falling short in the playoffs, last year they had lost in game 7 in the playoffs to the Denver Nuggets despite an overall excellent regular season. No one knows if this year will be different – but now that Donovan has more experience under his belt, it is very likely that the Jazz will prove everyone wrong and come out strong.

Denver Nuggets sets All-time NBA Record

The DENVER NUGGETS have set an all-time NBA record with only 1 turnover in an entire 48 minutes regulation game.

The Nuggets have done it – on Tuesday night playing against the Portland Trailblazers they have committed only 1 turnover in an entire game. The previous record was two turnovers in full regulation that was tied between five teams, one which was achieved by Phoenix Suns just this season as well.

It was close – but they unfortunately fell short of the fabled 0 turnovers game due to an unfortunate mishap where Jamal Murray loses the ball out of bounds due to fumbled reffing.

Current MVP Ranking

PlayerPoints per GameRebounds per GameAssist per GameTeam Performance
Joel Embiid29.811.33.1#1 Seed : 21 – 11
LeBron James25.88.18.2#3 Seed: 22 – 10
Nikola Jokic2710.88.4#7 Seed: 17 – 14
Damian Lillard29.64.48#6 Seed: 18 – 13
Stephen Curry30.25.46.2#8 Seed: 17 – 15

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