NBA Week 9: A look at the All-stars

NBA Week 9: A look at the All-stars

With the All-star week brewing, take a look at the list of all-star selection for the NBA 2020-2021 season

Kevin Durant has been in the NBA for over 13 years at this point, but on Thursday, he will make the first debut in his as he drafts an All-Star roster for the first time. The two-time Finals MVP will be drafting against none other than LeBron James, who has over a string of events – the two all-time level players have switched conferences.

Kevin Durant now plays on the east conference Brooklyn Nets while LeBron James played for the Los Angeles Lakers on the west conference. Here are the pools for the 2021 all star:

The young players that has entered the all-star selection for the first time are:

  • Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics
  • Zach Levin, Chicago Bulls
  • Zion Williamson, New Orlean Pelicans
  • Julius Randle, New York Knicks

Rise of Franchise

Old-timers that have been watching the NBA for some time may remember when teams like New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns were genuinely great, lead by great players such as Steve Nash. In the new decades of NBA since the 2000’s, however, the teams have become a shadow of their former selves. However, things are changing for the better these days.

In the NBA 2018-2019 season, the Phoenix Suns finished dead last in the Western Conference with a record of 19 – 63. Despite having an at the time already up and coming great guard Devin Booker, the team is unable to pull through. Today, the Phoenix Suns are currently sitting at the second seed of the conference with a 23-11 record.

Meanwhile, on the side of New York Knicks, things are looking great as well. With their recent acquisition of guard Derrick Rose as a veteran presence, they are now sitting at the 5th seed with an 18 – 18 record, right at the .500 mark. The star player of New York, Julius Randle is currently averaging 23.1 / 10.9 / 5.5 and is playing the best season of his career, earning a well-deserved all-start selection at last.

Pacers’ TJ McConnell sets NBA Record

This season, Jamal Murray set the record for the most efficient 50 points game ever without needing a single free throw. Also, Jamal Murray’s team Nuggets has also set the NBA record for the least turnover in a full game session, just one steal (So close to the fabled 0 steals)

Against the Cleveland Cavaliers, TJ McConnell ended the night with 16 points (on 8-of-8 shooting!), 13 assists and 10 steals, securing his second-ever triple double. His second triple-double was a special one, since it is the most steals ever recorded at the first half of the game – with 9 steals all in the first 24 minutes of the regulation, especially coming off the bench.

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