NBA Week 16: Stephen Curry Lights up the League

Stephen Curry Lights up the League

After returning from a tailbone injury, Stephen Curry sets the league on fire!

After returning from a tailbone injury, Stephen Curry is back and greater than ever, even better than his 2015 – 2016 form! Many have speculated that the addition of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors may have held Stephen Curry back, and that statement may be true now.

Stephen Curry’s shooting split in the last 11 games since his return: 40.0 / 6.0 / 4.5 on 55/48/91 efficiency. That’s a whopping 48% shooting accuracy from the three-point arc, when he’s averaging 7 three points made per game!

In the last week alone, Stephen Curry has had a total of 4 games with more than 10 three points made, meanwhile the player with highest number of games with more than 10 three points made in their career is his teammate Klay Thompson, with only 5 such games. Stephen Curry has splashed more than 10 3s against Nuggets, Thunders, Celtics, and 76ers, staking his case for a potential MVP

New York basketball is back as Julius Randle leads the charge to a 7-game winstreak

Barrett, Randle and the Knicks have been perfect in the win column for almost two weeks now. The seven-game win streak is the longest active streak in the NBA and the Knicks’ longest since an eight-game run in March 2014. New York is a season-high five games over .500 at 32-27 and has climbed to fifth place in the Eastern Conference.

This run is also fueled by the veteran Derrick Rose who seemed to have finally found his best fit in the league, as well as young sniper Immanuel Quickley constantly making energetic plays off the bench.

“The important thing for us is not to get lost, You start thinking about down the road, the playoffs, win streaks, and you lose focus on getting ready for Atlanta. That’s where our focus has to be.”

New York Knicks coach, Tom Thibodeau on the Knick’s longest active win streak in the NBA

Zach LaVine expected to forgo Bulls contract extension

Bulls guard Zach LaVine will be eligible for a four-year, $104,832,000 contract extension this offseason. Which is relatively low compensation for a 26-year-old All-Star who could sign any deal up to the max as a 2022 free agent.

The challenge that perennial playoff teams such as the Chicago Bull face will be finding a way to keep their star player while said player is in his prime. And in this case, Zach LaVine is playing some of the best basketball career and will one to use this prime to win immediately. If the Bulls don’t build an ideal team around the young star, he just might walk.

The Bulls could uses their cap space this summer to renegotiate LaVine’s current contract, which would allow them to extend his deal for a higher amount. A player-friendly renegotiation and extension is certainly possible.

Perhaps, these rival executives know a renegotiation and extension isn’t in the cards. This is the type of research teams do. They want to know which players are attainable and when.

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