NBA Week 14: Updated Championship Betting Odds

NBA Week 14: Updated Championship Betting Odds

Denver Nuggets Rolling on a 6-game winstreak

With the addition of Aaron Gordon playing alongside Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, the Nuggets are looking better than ever. The team is now 1st overall on league offense and 6th overall for league defense. The statistics when Aaron Gordon, Nikola Jokic, and Jamal Murray are on the court together are as follows:

With the trio on court: PT EFF 106.6, Defensive Rating +7.8, Offensive Rating +13.5

Updated Championship Odds

With the end of the season slowly approaching, it is now clear who the clear top dogs of the leagues are. Several notable points are:

  • Denver Nuggets have strengthened their lineups
  • Despite weaker performances, Los Angeles Lakers are expected to have LeBron James and Anthony Davis to return for the playoffs
  • Miami Heat have acquired Victor Oladipo
  • Kevin Durant has returned to Brooklyn Nets on limited minutes
Brooklyn Nets+280
Los Angeles Lakers+300
Los Angeles Clippers+650
Milwaukee Bucks+750
Utah Jazz+850
Philadelphia 76ers+1000
Denver Nuggets+2600
Phoenix Suns+3000
Boston Celtics+3400
Miami Heat+4600

Southeast Division

It appears that the Southeast Division will be the most competitive in the NBA.  Miami (5-1) currently sits atop the division, while Hawks are trailing at 4-1 with the Magic immediately behind them at 4-2.  The Hawks and Magic were afterthoughts before and many people have handed the Heat the NBA title.  If Atlanta’s 100-92 win versus the Heat is any indication of the things to come, things may take a sharp turn very soon

Play-in Match

The NBA 2020-2021 season has several changes, apart from one of them being a shortened 72-game season, another is the new play-in rule. Instead of the traditional 1 – 8 seed making it to the playoffs, the 1 – 6 seed will get a guaranteed seeding in the playoffs while the 7 – 10 seed on both conferences will duke it out for two remaining spots in each conference.

This means that if the playoffs were to start today, the matchups will be four sets best-of-one between these teams:

  • Boston Celtics (26 – 26) vs Chicago Bulls (21 – 28)
  • New York Knicks (25 – 27) vs Indiana Pacers (23 – 27)
  • Dallas Mavericks (28 – 22) vs Golden State Warriors (24 – 27)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (26 – 23) vs San Antonio Spurs (24 – 25)

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