NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 6 Betting Odds & Predictions

Latest NBA Playoff Basketball NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 6 Betting Odds & Predictions – Money Line / Handicap

The sixth game of the Western Conference Finals showdown will be played on 9am, 28th May in Malaysia time.

One last time, the Celtics will try to topple the Miami Heat in their own home court to advance to the NBA Finals to face off against the soaring Golden State Warriors.

As have been predicted by many experts, Miami Heat’s crucial factor in this series will depend on the endurance of Jimmy Butler, and unfortunately, it is not working out in Heat’s favor. Riddle by injuries and fatigue, Jimmy Butler has been playing under his usual level in the past two games, averaging only 14 points 5 rebounds and 6 assists on low field goal percentage and high turnover ratio.

Meanwhile, the Celtics though still inconsistent with their offense game has been able to clamp down around Miami’s defense and focusing on early switches and pressuring around the corner. In order for Miami to win the next game to take the series back to their home court for a final game 7, they will need Bam Adebayo to step up so Celtics can respect the mid-range game.

Meanwhile, Tyler Herro is still listed as doubtful for game 6, who being the gears of Miami’s offense off the bench will be a costly absentee

The early market betting odds for Game 5 is as follows:

Miami HeatBetBoston Celtics
1.34Full Time Moneyline0.81
0.98(-) Handicap 1.5 (+)0.86
0.90(-) Handicap 2.5 (+)0.96
Moneyline / Handicap Betting Odds
Full-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Half-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Over / Under Betting odds

“He’s going to have a weaker defender on him with [Brown] and [Jayson Tatum] kind of being blanketed,” Udoka said. “He could take advantage of those. A capable scorer, driver, initiator, and one of our best guys at quick decisions, getting downhill and making plays. And so we trusted him to do that, he took advantage of some double teams on Jayson and he’s really good at making the play behind. We trust him to get the ball in the middle, whether he has a floater, pull-up, or finding guys on the perimeter.” 

Ime Udoka, coach of Boston Celtics

Through five conference finals games, the Heat have scored 102.3 points per 100 possessions in non-garbage time minutes, per CTG, which is to say that Boston has rendered their offense worse than any team’s was in the regular season. That number drops to 84.2 per 100 in the halfcourt, which also would have ranked dead last this season.

Predictions by leading prediction models

FiveThirtyEight: Boston Celtics 56.4% Win Probability

Number Fire: Boston Celtics 58.0% Win Probability

Sports Betting Dime: Miami heat 54.5% Win Probability

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