NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 5 Betting Odds & Predictions

Latest NBA Playoff Basketball NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 5 Betting Odds – Money Line / Handicap

The fourth game of the Eastern Conference Finals of the of the 2022 NBA Playoffs will take place at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning in Malaysia time.

One last game at home in the TD Garden before heading back to the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Celtics will aim to ties this series at 2 – 2 before heading back on the road for a decisive game 5. Most analytics and talents has predicted this series to go to the full length of 7 games.

As the series progressed, it is no surprise that two of the teams in the league known most for their consistent effort are having a dogfight on the court. Scrambling for the ball, incredible hustle plays, launching bodies on the floor – you name it, this series has it all. Unfortunately, that comes at the cost of injured players, with all of Jimmu Butler (knee inflammation), Marcus Smart, and Jayson Tatum subbing in and out of the game in game 4.

If this trend of wearing out each other continues, and the series goes to the full length, the winner of the Western Conference Finals may find themselves having a strong edge over the haggard team coming out of the Eastern Conference.

The early market betting odds for Game 5 is as follows:

Boston CelticsBetMiami Heat
2.15Full Time Moneyline0.37
0.76(-) Handicap 5.5 (+)0.89
0.89(-) Handicap 6.5 (+)0.99
0.99(-) Handicap 7.5 (+)0.86
Moneyline / Handicap Betting Odds
Full-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Half-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Over / Under Betting odds

The current series odds for Boston Celtics is 1.96 while the odds for Miami stands at 1.85.

“Ultimately, the Celtics shot a higher percentage from the field and got to the foul line double the number of times that the Heat did. But the Heat took 22 more shot attempts due to all of the turnovers by the Celtics. The Celtics need to minimize turnovers in Game 4. It’s interesting because the Heat were turnover machines in the regular season for most of the year. The tables will turn a little bit in Game 4. Take the Celtics to even the series.”

Jason Radowitz

Predictions by leading prediction models

FiveThirtyEight: Boston Celtics 73.0% Win Probability

ESPN: Boston Celtics 68.0% Win Probability

Number Fire: Boston Celtics 70.8% Win Probability

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