NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 5 Betting Odds & Predictions

Latest NBA Playoff Basketball NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 5 Betting Odds & Predictions – Money Line / Handicap

The fifth game of the Western Conference Finals showdown will be played on 9am, 26th May in Malaysia time.

For the fourth time in as many games in the Eastern Conference finals, one team blitzed the other, and one of the strangest best-of-seven series in recent NBA memory is somehow headed back to Miami tied, 2-2.

The series has its strange upsets, but not in the way you’d expect, with most games heading into the second half in what was a definitive blowout despite both team’s efforts to comeback from the initial deficit. The only time there was an outlier was in Miami’s 20point momentum comeback in the third quarter in the first game of the series.

The way Boston dismantled the Miami on defense was nothing short of impressive, and the team is gelling together at a crucial time like championship teams do. Winning big and winning ugly, with tough defenders at every position, and guys who play unselfishly and smart at the other end. Role players like Horford and the Willamseses are just more championship parts.

Heading back to Miami in what is a reset for the series, it should be a tense situation and the team will rely on their best players to hold things together.

The early market betting odds for Game 5 is as follows:

Miami HeatBetBoston Celtics
1.05Full Time Moneyline0.79
0.98(-) Handicap 1.5 (+)0.86
0.90(-) Handicap 2.5 (+)0.96
Moneyline / Handicap Betting Odds
Full-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Half-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Over / Under Betting odds

Predictions by leading prediction models

FiveThirtyEight: Boston Celtics 53.4% Win Probability

Number Fire: Boston Celtics 57.0% Win Probability

Sports Betting Dime: Miami heat 51.4% Win Probability

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