NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 1 Betting Odds & Predictions

Latest NBA Playoff Basketball NBA Playoffs – Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 1 Betting Odds – Money Line / Handicap

The Eastern Conference FInals of the of the 2022 NBA Playoffs will be take place at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning in Malaysia time.

Exceeding expectations, the Jayson Tatum led Boston Celtics went from a poor start early on in the season to rising to the second seed as the season progressed. The Boston Celtics have finished the season 51 – 31 and defeated the defending champions despite Giannis Antetokounmpo scoring 40 points twice in the series.

Facing the Celtics are the Miami Heat, a team that has made the NBA Finals in the 2020 playoffs and lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games. The Heat has a 53 – 29 season record and is known for being one of the best defense team in the league.

The two best players on the court are respectively Jimmy Butler who is by a mile the best performer in these playoffs, averaging 28.7/7.7/5.4 on 52.5 FG%, whose performance by all metrics have soared to another level compared to the regular season where he averaged only 21 points. The Celtic’s Jayson Tatum in his fifth year in the league is averaging 28.3/5.6/6.1 on 43.8 FG%.

The early market betting odds for Game 5 is as follows:

Miami HeatBetBoston Celtics
0.82Full Time Moneyline1.00
0.90(-) Handicap 1.5 (+)0.98
0.97(-) Handicap 2.0 (+)0.91
1.04(-) Handicap 2.5 (+)0.84
Moneyline / Handicap Betting Odds
Full-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Half-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Over / Under Betting odds

“The Heat’s heavy dependence on Butler is going to be their ultimate undoing. He’s been unbelievable in the NBA Playoffs, but the Celtics are a team designed to shut him down. They will force the other players on the Heat to beat them. That strategy may not have worked when Herro and Kyle Lowry were backing Butler up. But Herro hasn’t been the same player, and Lowry actively hurt the team when he played in the second round because of the hamstring injury that he’s been fighting through. The Heat don’t have the firepower to beat that strategy. The Heat are going to fight like hell, but I’m picking the Celtics in six.”

Stephen Noh, Sporting News

Predictions by leading prediction models

FiveThirtyEight: Miami Heat 52% Win Probability with 0.5 spread

Number Fire: Miami Heat 56.3% Win Probability

Sports Betting Dime: Miami Heat 52.4% Win Probability with 0.5 spread

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