NBA Playoffs – Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Game 4 Betting Odds & Predictions

Latest NBA Playoff Basketball NBA Playoffs – Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Game 4 Betting Odds – Money Line / Handicap

The second game of the Western Conference Finals showdown will be played on 9am, 21st May in Malaysia time.

Facing large range of defenses from the Golden State Warriors who constantly switched defensive schemes and rotation, Luka Doncic was held to a 6/18 FG%, marking it one of his weaker performance in his current awe-striking playoff run.

The key to Game 4 for the Mavs will be sustaining their defensive effort. The Warriors shot 61.0 percent in the second half of Game 2 and 78.9 percent in the fourth quarter on their way to a 126-117 win.

DallNow, the Mavericks will desperately need Doncic to explode – again – in order to take a single game in this series. Meanwhile, the Warriors are so close to their sixth Finals appearance in eight years that it will be hard to keep a championship-hungry team away from returning to that stage.

The early market betting odds for Game 2 is as follows:

Golden State WarriorsBetDallas Mavericks
0.44Full Time Moneyline2.00
0.89(-) Handicap 6.5 (+)0.98
0.99(-) Handicap 7.0 (+)0.71
Moneyline / Handicap Betting Odds
Full-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Half-time Over / Under OddsOverUnder
Over / Under Betting odds

“They did a really good job. Wiggins picking him up full court,” Mavs coach Jason Kidd said. “They went box-and-one, they went zone. We understood coming into the series that we were going to see that. We’ll go back and look at the video and see what we can do better.”

Jason Kidd addressing the Warriors defense scheme

The Warriors is still leading the league as most-favored team to win the NBA 2021 – 2022 Championship against the field.

Predictions by leading prediction models

FiveThirtyEight: Golden State Warriors 62% Win Probability with 3-point spread

Number Fire: Golden State Warriors 65.8% Win Probability

Sports Betting Dime: Golden State Warriors 55.0% Win Probability with 0.5 spread

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