NBA Play-in Tournament Betting Guide

NBA Play-in Tournament Betting Guide

GamingSafe presents: An overview betting guide for the NBA 2020 – 2021 Play-in Tournament

On the 17th of May, the royal rumble, the final day of the regular season of the 2020-2021 NBA season had concluded. 15 matches between 30 teams were scheduled on the same day and at the end of the day, the finalized rankings for the season were obtained. Several takeaways from the hectic day:

  • In a critical game, Golden State Warriors defeated Memphis Grizzlies with 46 points from Curry to rise to the 8th seed, the upper round of the Play-in Tournament
  • Washington Wizards defeated Charlotte Hornets to rise to the upper round of the Play-in Tournament in the Eastern Conference as well
  • The Lakers fail to advance to the playoff since Portland Trailblazers deafened the Denver Nuggets, putting Portland’s record above Lakers

NBA Play-in Tournament Explained

Eastern Conference: Boston Celtics (7th) vs Washington Wizards (8th)

Spread: Celtics -2.0 @ 0.92 / Wizards +2.0 @ 0.96
Over/Under: Over 232.5 @ 0.9 / Under 232.5 @ 0.96
Moneyline: Celtics @ 0.76 / Wizards @ 1.12

Following a slump in the early half of the season, the Wizards have picked up form with a now healthy Russel Westbrook and Bradley Beal combo, they went 14 – 6 in their last 20 games. Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics are short Jaylen Brown who has been playing the best basketball of his career so far. There is a chance the Wizards that have been gaining momentum will defeat the Celtics.

Eastern Conference: Indiana Pacers (9th) vs Charlotte Hornets (10th)

Spread: Pacers -3.0 @ 0.93 / Hornets +2.0 @ 0.97
Over/Under: Over 227.5 @ 1.01 / Under 227.5 @ 0.87
Moneyline: Pacers @ 0.66 / Hornets @ 1.28

GamingSafe’s NBA Betting Tips

The money line can be attributed to Hornets being an inexperienced team with potential Rookie of the Year Lamelo Ball only heading into the first playoff in his rookie season, while Pacers have veterans such as Sabonis. The over 227.5 is a confident bet, although do-or-die games are known for having slow pace. The Pacers are making 12.3 and Hornets are making 13.7 3-pointers per game in the season, both at league average percentages.

Western Conference: Los Angeles Lakers (7th) vs Golden State Warriors (8th)

Spread: Lakers -4.5 @ 0.88 / Warriors +4.5 @ 1.00
Over/Under: Over 219.5 @ 0.96 / Under 219.5 @ 0.90
Moneyline: Lakers @ 0.44 / Warriors @ 1.88

Undoubtedly the most popular match to bet on, for better or for worse. The Lakers are 15-17 against the spread this season when they are at least a 5-point favorite while Warriors routinely meet expectations with a 12-4 record against the spread. Furthermore, 41 of Golden State’s 72 games (56.9%) this season have fallen short of the over/under.

Eastern Conference: Memphis Grizzlies (9th) vs San Antonio Spurs (10th)

Spread: Grizzlies -3.5 @ 0.88 / Spurs +3.5 @ 1.00
Over/Under: Over 222.5 @ 0.93 / Under 222.5 @ 0.93
Moneyline: Grizzlies 0.6 @ / Spurs @ 1.42

The Grizzlies have an even record against the spread when favored by at least 3.5 points, going 12-12 this season. While San Antonio has outperformed the spread so far this season with a record of 39-32-1.

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