NBA: Los Angeles Lakers Faces Crisis of Dropping Out of Play-in Games

Following the San Antonio Spurs Win, Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are now knocked into the 11th seed and out of the play-in games

The play-in games are a new NBA addition newly implemented since two years ago and has smashing success since – with great showdowns such as the Curry vs LeBron fight for the seventh seed last season.

Though sometimes controversial, it greatly emphasized the regular season as teams want to fight to go above six seed to avoid the play-ins. Meanwhile, the 9th and 10th seed teams have a reason to continue their fight and scramble for a chance at the elusive post-season.

Pelicans vs Spurs vs Lakers

Following the win of Spurs and Laker’s devastating loss of 110 to Maverick’s 128 today, the Spurs have trumped over Lakers. With both teams sharing a 31 – 44 record, the Spurs wins over the Lakers by way of record tie breaking.

Here are the remaining schedule for the three teams scrambling for the play-in spot, and only two can emerge:

Pelicans (32-43) remaining games: @ Portland, @ Lakers, @ Clippers, @ Sac, VS Portland, @ Grizz, VS GS

Spurs (31-44) remaining games: VS Grizz, VS Portland, VS Portland, @ Denver, @ Minnesota, VS GS, @ Dallas

Lakers (31-44) remaining games: @ Utah, VS NO, VS Denver, @ Pheonix, @ GS, VS OKC, @ Denver

The Lakers has one of the toughest projected schedule in the league, going up against the likes of first-seed Phoenix Suns and two games versus Denver Nuggets with reigning MVP Nikola Jokic


With the final stretch of the season, the MVP race is projected to come down to the wire. ESPN has released their latest projection of the MVP debate. A 100 media members were asked to participate in this mock-vote to see what the current MVP standing is.

Jokic finished ahead of the pack with those 62 first-place votes and a total of 860 points, followed by Embiid, who had 29 first-place votes and 719 total points, and Antetokounmpo, who had nine first-place votes and 593 total points. They were the only players to be named to all 100 ballots and the only ones to receive a first-place vote.

Jokic, Embiid and Antetokounmpo have so clearly separated themselves from the field that they claimed 291 of the 300 votes for first, second and third place in the p0ll. (Antetokounmpo had six fourth-place votes, and Jokic had three fifth-place votes.) No other player was named to even half of the ballots.

Comparing these results to the previous ESPN MVP Poll:

Jokic improved from 754 points (43 first place votes) to 860 points (62 first place votes).

Embiid dropped from 789 points (45 first place votes) to 719 points (29 first place votes).

Giannis improved from 512 points (9 first place votes) to 593 points (9 first place votes).

Wager your bets today on who will win the prestige of MVP!

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