NBA Finals Latest Betting Odds: Bucks or Suns?

NBA Finals: Bucks vs Suns

NBA Finals odds: Suns slight favorites over Bucks to win

With the absence of Giannis, who was only recently announced listed doubtful for Game 1, it may seem that the odds are in favor of the Phoenix Suns to take the championship back home.

Giannis Antetokounmpo sustained a knee hyperextension in game 4 against the Atlanta Hawks, but the Milwaukee Bucks were able to carry on without him and take the series in game 6 – This was largely credited to Khris Middleton who scored 26 and 32 in games 5 and 6 versus the Hawks, as well as Jrue Holiday unleashing his aggressive side. Fans all claims that the Jrue Holiday for Eric Bledsoe trade was one of the best moves by the Milwaukee GMs because of this.

The Suns continued to dominate these playoffs, and despite Chris Paul minor injury setback in the Western Conference Finals, he came back and brought an end to the Los Angeles Clippers with a one-man effort in the second half of game 6, scoring 31 by himself all in the second half.

Bucks vs Suns Predictions

“This Is CP3’s Defining Moment” – claims Eric Pincus from Bleacher Report. Most analysts have the Suns taking the series in 5 games, 6 games max. However, this is very susceptible to change as Giannis may return at any time. Regardless, the Phoenix Suns are expected to have confident chances against the Bucks even if their star player returns.

Series LengthPhoenix Suns OddsMilwaukee Bucks Odds
4 – 08.0026.00
4 – 15.0014.00
4 – 26.006.00
4 – 34.506.50
NBA Finals Series Results Odds

NBA Finals MVP Predictions

Devin Booker is the 1a option to Chris Paul’s 1b. With Chris Paul captaining the team leading the offense and Devin Booker insane offensive output, it might be a close contest between the two Phoenix Suns teammates to say who gets the FMVP.

However, Chris Paul’s contribution in his first year to this Phoenix Suns team, leading them from a once last seed in the NBA just two years ago to making their first NBA Finals in more than two decades, it is more likely that the Point God himself – CP3 will claim the FMVP award. And as most people in the NBA circle would say – It’s about damn time.

NBA Finals MVPOdds
Chris Paul2.80
Devin Booker3.50
Giannis Antetokounmpo5.00
Khris Middleton6.00
Jrue Holiday15.00
NBA Finals MVP Odds

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