NBA 2022-2023 Championship Odds Pre-Offseason Shuffle

An early look at the championship odds for the 2022-2023 season before the off-season shuffle

With the Golden State Warriors overcoming an incredible less than 1% odd to win the championship as projected by popular prediction model 578, bettors are looking to a new, exciting season with one of the primary questions being: Can the Warriors do it again?

The answer is a resounding optimism, with the warriors at the top of the championship odds chart of a return of +550 (Bet 100, Win 550). This isn’t surprising considering how the warriors are likely keeping most of their core unit, though the salary concerns of keeping Andrew Wiggins could be a wavering factor.

Aside from the potential back-to-back champion, let’s take a look at the league. With the vast amount of star power garnering in the west conference with players meeting their potential, the west conference is shaping up to be a bloodbath.

Boston Celtics+600
Milwaukee Bucks+650
Brooklyn Nets+700
Los Angeles Clippers+700
Phoenix Suns+900
Dallas Mavericks+1200
Miami Heat+1400
Philadelphia 76ers+1400
Denver Nuggets+1400
Memphis Grizzlies+1600
NBA 2022-2023 Championship Odds 27th June

The next NBA season is scheduled to start on the 19th Of October, marking it the 76th Season of the NBA. Expect more NBA and other sports-related news coming to you from GamingSafe!

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